Kprobe vs dvdinfopro 851s@832s

i was wondering why, using kprobe i get an average of about 250, using dvdinfopro i get an average of 40.
both reads done at 4x using the same disc (fujifilm03).
i have been thinking for a long time that my drive is crap, but maybe kprobe does not work well on my computer.

The most suspect, (if either), scan is the one with the fewest errors. KProbe cannot “make up” errors, it only reports what the drive does. Look for differences in the ACTUAL read speed, like how long does the scan take. Also use of a real-time display will sometimes lower the error rates.

Barring that, the answer is that your disc is pretty marginal, and it is producing varying scans. You would need to do a series of scans with each program to establish that there’s really a difference, one or 2 scans isn’t enough.

If you want a 3rd opinion, use CDSpeed3.