Kprobe vs DVD Info

Hi People.
I recently bought an NEC3500 to go alongside a Liteon 832s as the burns I was getting with the 832 were, to be frank, crap.

With the same disks, the burns on the NEC seem pukka and they play on both my DVD players, but when tested with Kprobe, they looked awful.
I rescanned these with DVD info and they seem to be fine :confused:

This may be a stupid question, (i’ll get there in the end) but which is the most accurate / reliable method of testing, Kprobe or DVD info?


There’s a whole forum for these discussions. Basically, you can’t compare scans done in the different programs very well. The Kprobe scan is telling you that there’s a problem with the discs, so it’s best to assume there is. If both programs are producing the same sampling rate, then they are both equally “accurate”, as they are just displaying what the drive reports. DIP is known to produce some low sampling rates in some systems.

Apologies if this has been posted in the wrong forum.
To a simple soul as myself, I assumed (wrongly) that the scans would be similar as they I thought they would be measuring the same things. :smiley:

Something is wrong with that Kprobe scan - it’s showing C1/C2 for a DVD, if you are checking the same disk.

It should be marking them as PI/PIF, and if Kprobe reported that sort of figure, I’d expect playback to be cracking up at the end.

The fact it misreported as C1/C2, makes that scan untrustworthy - it’s also suspicious that it didn’t report the media ID - it normally does - if using ASPI, try switching to SPTI (assuming Win2k/XP), or check the ASPI and driver versions.

The only problem with the posted Kprobe scan is that the user ejected the disc before saving the scan.