KProbe to test my 2500A



Can I run KProbe to test a cd with my LTC-48161H (LiteON Combo drive)?

Or do you need a liteon burner?


You need a Liteon DVD burner.
Kprobe cannot control the DVD-ROM drive speeds, so your graphs will not be accurate.


thanks wesociety.


Now, I wonder how good the LTC-48161H is at ripping DVD’s? I guess I’ll find out later…


Well seeing as though the LiteOn CDR drives and DVD-ROM drives both have excellent reputations, I’m sure it should work very well. :smiley:

You can get the newest firmware here:
(if you haven’t done so already).

There doesn’t appear to be any ‘patched’ firmwares available for that drive.


Actually, you can make use of KProbe on any DVD compatible drive from LiteOn. Problem is though that the results of such a scan can’t be compared to any of our “official” scans, made with LiteOn DVD burners.

This method is good though for comparing different media and their quality when written on the 2500a (or so).

For example, first read a disc with CD Speed or DVDInfoPro. If the results are fine (steady curve and no weak spots/errors) run it through Kprobe. Do the same with other brands etc. You won’t know any real PI/PO values, but you will be able to compare the differences between certian media… and that is quite important info, isn’t it?