KProbe, the older, the better?

Did you guys try this version before?


For many of the more well-established people in these forums (people who have been here longer than me–I really haven’t been here that long), they’ve probably used KP1 for longer than they’ve used KP2. KP2 has been out for only a year. It seemed just like yesterday people were cheering the release of KP2. :stuck_out_tongue: If you look in the media forum, esp. in the disc test subforums, you’ll see that many of the older scans there were done with KP1. Or just read one of the older reviews like the LDW-411S review.

The last version before KP2 was KP 1.2.26, and it supported all those features.

-Raw Cmd == send custom CDB commands… not useful unless you know what you’re doing… but this did have the benefit of being able to dump the media code block
-Write Strategy == BLER test
-Tilt == Never figured that one out
-Performance == there’s a similar tab in KP2

In short, KP1 wasn’t very friendly. That it started up on the Raw Cmd pane probably confused a lot of people. And most people didn’t use a lot of the stuff in it, so a friendlier KP2 was made and released by the author.