Kprobe Tests



Don’t use princo discs anymore (actually used only 2 when i first got my burner like 2 months ago, liteon 812s). I was juz wondering, i recently did a test with one of my princo tests and it had a pi average of in the 300 range, but i remembed when i first scanned it, (posted it here last time), it only had a pi average of about 40.

Anyone have reasons for this, or do princo discs deteriorate that quickly? i scanned my ritek go4 which i burnt like a month ago but the pi average’s seem to stay the same.


No experience really with princos but I’ve read that this is quite a common problem.

Cheap media? LiteOn drives do not perform well with “cheap” (“junk”) media. Media types such as Princo, AML, AN3-, Longten, Infosmart, Lead Data, etc., are generally considered to be junk media and should be avoided. In the long run, they are actually pretty “expensive” because even if they do burn well, these media types tend to be so poorly manufactured that their dyes have been known to degrade just months after being burned.


so does anyone know why the first scan i did (about 2 months ago) it only had the pi average of 40 and now in the range of 300?


Logic would say that the errors are increasing. If the disc is not physically damaged then the chemical make-up of the media must be deteriorating. Alternatively, the reader is no longer able to read as well as before. My guess would be media deterioration.


that’s pretty quick deterioration for 2 months! lol…never will touch princo discs ever…ever!!! staying with my batch of ritek’s!