Kprobe Tests with Herries DL-firmware(1.07v2)

I tested some Medias burned with the NEC2500 and herries DL firmware.
Here are the outstanding results: :bow:

First one is a Spin-X DVd+R 4x (MBIPG101R03) MoserBearIndia:

The next one is a Platinum DVD+R 8x (CMCMag.):
also very good!!

and now another Platinum 8x DVd+R but from Ricoh!(ricohjpn02):

DVD-R TDK 4x (TTG01) burned with 8x.
also very good!!:

I also have a 166s DVD-ROM drive but whenever I use K-Probe on it I usually get meaningless results - very high PI and PO errors (around 200 for each) which don’t seem to vary at all from disc to disc. Do you have a later model drive or what? Mine was manufactured Nov. '02.
Edit: After moving the drive to its own cable it seems to be working better now…

Here are my results. Herrie dl is just great!! thx Herrie. All dvd works great in my dvd player and my ps2.

And part two:
They’re all good in 100%

Fuji Ricoh 01 02 4X burnt at 4 X using Beta 5

Memorex ricohjpn W11 burnt 4X using Beta 5