Kprobe Spikes: How many is too many?

After a lot of searching and studying posts here, it’s very clear that the occasional handful of spikes that you see in Kprobe can be safely ignored. But what if there’s a lot?

I’m trying to archive valuable data. Should I be worried?

Those are some very bad scans. The “comb” pattern that you see is difficult to decipher. Sometimes it’s seen with bad IDE cables, other times it’s just a crappy disc. In any case, you need to do something different with this media and burner. Also never scan at max speed.

Also, DVD’s are not known to be suitable for archiving anything. Suggest making multiple copies and also keeping copies on hard drive until you are certain that the DVD’s are stable. (1-2 years).

What’s puzzling is that the drive seems fine otherwise… I have had some very good scans with them too, and CDspeed doesn’t seem to show any problems with the same media. I also had similar thoughts about max speed, but it didn’t seem to help (the scan on the top was at 4x). I also wasn’t sure whether my case is very unusual or whether others have had simliar problems.

Also, thanks for the advice/warning re: archiving…

I’ve had KProbe and CDSpeed give me very different results like this before…on a very, very rare occassion. I’m not sure what causes it. But normally, when I get this happening, there are comb like spikes all the way through the entire scan, just not at the end, but on CDSpeed, these spikes arent there. Dosnt happen often at all, but it has happened to me too. (I’m using a Liteon 832S).


When you say “very rare occasion”, do you mean that it’s rare to find a media type that exhibits this behavior (but multiple scans from the same disc are consistent), or do you mean that when scanning the same physical disc multiple times, an occasional fluke will be seen?

If it’s the former, then I’d be interested in knowing a bit more about your setup and media types to see what we had in common when you encountered this.