Kprobe spike

Hi, all.

On all the burns I’ve done on my NEC 2500A so far, I get a Kprobe spike at exactly the same place each time I scan. (I’m scanning on my LiteOn 851S.) The location is fairly early, maybe 1/8 of the way through.

Scanning a disc I burned on my recently decommissioned Sony DRU-500A does not produce the same spike, so it seems to be a 2500A-related issue.

The spike isn’t terrible…it tends to be around 100 or so (PI), and quite low on the PO, as well. Still, it just seems strange to me that it happens at the same place each time.

Actually…now that I think about it…all these burns have been with the same media, TDK +R 4x (Ricoh), burned at 6x. Could the spike simply reflect a change in drive speed at that point in the burn each time?

Thanks for any insights! I’m really learning a lot from this place. :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s quite normal that a spike occurs when the write speed changes!

Nothing to worry about!

If you DO worry, write a disc at 4x (or slower) and scan it again. If everything’s allright, the spike is gone. That’s because it can write constantly at 4x, but not at higher speeds (§-CAV and §-CLV story)…

Thanks for your insights. :slight_smile: