KProbe - So What Does This Mean

So what does this mean exactly? Im very new to this KProbe and dont see any readme files or help files. Anyone?


There are threads in the test forums about interpreting.
Yoiur scan is consistant with a defect in the disc, dirt on the disc, smudge, etc.

Where are the test forums located? I looked around did see anything about interpreting. Sorry.


Hi, I think you should have a look at <a href=“”>this</a>

You’ll find a Kprobe guide, some values to know if your tests are good or not and the DVD Media Tests.

Thank you very much. No idea that was there looked thru the forums but didnt see any of that. What do you guys hide the good stuff? lol jk.


lol, btw it was this post:
<a href=“”><b>Read first:</b> Comprehensive LiteOn Tools Collection 3.44</a>
Look at it and at all the other “Read First” posts if you didn’t yet. There’s lot of interesting stuff.

Use this as a guideline for good discs:
PI (Parity Inner): No larger areas on the disc should exceed 280 PI errors, do not worry too much about high single spikes that exceeds 280.
PO (Parity Outer): No larger areas on the disc should exceed 32 PO (actually PI uncorrectable) errors, do not worry too much about high single spikes that exceeds 32.

Isnt that what I have a large single spike? Oh well Im sure with time Ill figure it out. Anyway I appreciate all your guys help Ill check all those threads as well as the tools collection section.


32 po is only for kprobe before 2.0 now its 4 po

This any better for some reason my thick head is not getting around these values. Sigh.


on your first scan a single sector spike is 1 line not several related lines

on your second scan pif should not exceed 4 and yours is 9 so it is out of spec


there is a great deal of variability from drive to drive and firmware to firmware. some firmwares will increase by a great deal the amount of detected errors. you should always test the disc in a player… in otherwards a stand alone dvd player to gauge performance so you will be able to handicap the scan you have. it may be fine it may not you will need to correlate the scans with real world performance.

Thank you Ill keep on banging on it. :slight_smile: