Kprobe - seek errors

I have a liteon 52246s burner and every time a check a cd with kprobe this error “seek error at xxxxxx jump to xxxxxx” is shown. It appears where you can read “testing” during checking. It only lasts an instant so it can be hardly read and it shows more times at the end of the disc.
Is it normal or there is something wrong with my drive?


That’s a reading error. You can select how they are displayed in the options section. It’s usually seen on lesser quality discs. It’s not the same thing as a C2, and be caused by several things. Kprobe skips ahead when it encounters a sector it cannot read, that’s what you’re seeing.

Also wait until the disc have spun up before you hit the start button in K-probe. Hitting the start button shortly after inserting the disc (before it’s fully recognized) may cause this problem.

If you still get this problem then you have unreadable sectors on your disc (disc is unreadable).


can anyone give link to this kprobe thingy, thx. Google did not work too well in this case.

Ok, used my small brains with full power and found it:)

To be precise, Kprobe does not measure or report “unreadable sectors”. In other words, the fact that it cannot read them does not mean they are unreadable. Kprobe locks the drive at one read speed (mostly), and just skips over sectors that can’t be read at that speed. It does not allow the drive to re-read or slow down, as it would normally do. There are other reasons that cause it to skip, one that the author pointed out is PUH slippage.
It’s best to view the read errors as a flag that you may have a disc that needs to be scanned slower, or that it has other issues.
You can also sometimes see these read errors occur sparcely on a perfectly good disc when scanned at high speed. This is one reason why I often choose 40x as a scanning speed, it seems to eliminate a lot of these things.