KProbe scans?

Hey All…

I have a 1633 in an external enclosure that I was having trbl. getting KProbe to recognize. I finally was told that by switching the driver from ASPI to SPTI should work and it did. But here’s my question. By having it in SPTI will it do anything to impair my scans. If this can make my scans untrue then I’ll put the drive in my tower in place of my rom and put the rom in the external enclosure. Any thoughts or ideas will be much appreciated.


I’ve been using my 812S@832S in an external Plumax, and have had no scan impairment in using SPTI as a driver in KProbe. The results compared to when the drive was internal are similar as if using ASPI.

Hey KTL…

Perfect. That's what type of enclosure I have.:bigsmile:  Thanks for the reply.


Look at the reported sampling rate in Kprobe. If it is comparable in the external to when it is internal, then you’re good to go.