KProbe scans of heat and sunlight tested media



Hi guys

Here is the thread where you post your scans.

Please use a single post for each media you are testing.

Here are the guidelines for the testing:



Moved to the general media forum. The media test forums are for error scans of specific media only. Sorry.


OK, we talked this over and decided that since the test forums are designed for a specific purpose, and this doesn’t really fit into that purpose, we will leave these tests in the general forum. Lets just use one thread for both CD and DVD tests, I closed the other thread.

I don’t want to discourage this testing, we’re just trying to keep things neat and tidy. I hope this works out alright. Suggestions are welcome. :wink:


Perhaps a separate test forum specifically for these tests? Wouldn’t that keep it nice and tidy?


That idea was already rejected by the mods, although I still think it would be a good idea.

Also please keep all discussion in this thread:


I’ll stick this thread for a short while just to see how much traffic it gets. Sticking has limited value, active threads will remain at the top anyway. (And most people automatically ignore stickies) Sometimes I think sticking is a kiss of death for a thread.


Lets see how it goes.

Please move all the posts after my initial post into the thread I suggested for discussion as this thread is only for scans.

Also, if it will kill the thread, then don’t sticky it.


Could someone make a file to be burned to the disc please?

Also, if the thread gets killed by sticky then please un-sticky it.



It does seem that threads get killed while being stickys as, for some reason, newbies often seem to skip them and ask questions that would have been answered early on by reading the sticky.


Any chance of that file?


OK, un-stuck.
As for a file for test burning, most people just make an .iso of a movie or CD and keep that on hand for test burning. Or you can use CDSpeed data disc test to burn a disc.


Will the CDSpeed thing burn it to the end?


Will it?


I just downloaded and have been playing with CDspeed v3, and the answer does appear to be YES. Attached is the help page on the function. I don’t quite understand what it means by “a selectable number of files” seeing that it doesn’t appear to create any sort of file system, i.e. you can’t look at the disc contents with Explorer :confused:


Cool! I’ll get working on those disks (come on you weather)!!!


I recently broke down and got a Lite-On burner so I’m running some tests myself too. This will be slow-going, though, because I don’t have easy access to a uniform source of strong sunlight. I’ll post the results when I get further along on it. It will be interesting to compare notes at some point.

Also, having played with CDspeed a little more, I take back my statement about it not creating a file system. Something wierd was going on with my PC. I saw the file system after I rebooted the next day :confused:


You can do accelerated testing by using a strong artificial ultraviolet light source. I used to work in a lab where we would occasionally needed to test plastics for prolonged sunlight exposure. The ultraviolet component of sunlight is generally what is the most destructive. We could simulate years of exposure in a few weeks using this method. Of course the test should be conducted in an enclosure to avoid exposure to humans and other items. Heat lamps could be used to simulate the effects of hi temp exposure.


Sadly I haven’t got any special equiptment.:frowning:


You got any scans yet Okane?


Hi Chriso,

Nothing interesting on my end yet. Unfortunately I wasn’t kidding when I said things would be slow going :sad: . I’ve exposed and scanned at 1.5, 5.5, and 7 hours but no degradation so far.

I wish I had the nifty equipment that Cyclone was talking about. I also know for electronic components reliability testing they’ve even got cool stuff like controlled temperature/humidity ovens, ovens that cycle the temperature from hot to cold, etc.

However on my budget the best I can do is the dashboard of my car (The tricky part is to find blocks of time during the weekends when it’s sunny outside and I’m home so that I can move the car periodically to dodge all the tree shadows that come by :bigsmile: ) All the nice hot sunny weather over the past few weeks have either landed on a weekday or when I was out of town :frowning:

I definitely haven’t given up, though. I still have all intentions of continuing this until I see something interesting.

How are things going on your end?