Kprobe scans NEC 2500@2510 2.15

Well I finally got a so so burn with the 2500@2510. I wasn’t even getting regular burns to burn good, except today, I got lucky. Only using Ricoh R01 plus r media which is memorex printables that came in a 100 pk spindle. I am using nec 2500@2510 with 2510 final firmware 2.15. So what you think is going on with these burns.


Terribly crappy burn :frowning: I would blame the Memorex discs, since more people reported poor quality with them sometime ago!

Thanks herrie for your response, and I also think its the media. Never worked good with me. I have always used Ricoh R01 either in TDK , FUJI , or Memorex. They all tend to look around the same. I need new media recommendations…


Trust me, I’ve had worse scans than those with the conversion, but the CD-DVD read curve is smooth and plays perfectly on my standalones. Of course, my media is the Arita 4X, which is RICOHJPNR01-R02, which could be B-rated. I got some Taiyo Yuden TYG01 media (Fuji 10-pack DVD-R in jewel cases and Maxell 15-pack DVD-R in spindles), which haven’t been tested yet. I put some trust on the results of the scans, but don’t want to keep on wasting media if the scans turn out bad.


Double check your scanning speed, make sure the 811 drive isn’t scanning at max speed instead of 4x. Do this by looking at the speed indicater near the end of the scan.

Well went back to 1.07v2b5 because I wasn’t getting good burns at 4x like I didn’t before the conversion to the NEC 2510. So now my burner is back at NEC 2500 using 1.07v2b5. Now check this scan out, looks like it was turning out okay and then it dies in the middle don’t you think. It was a memorex ricoh 01 4x dvd+r burned at 8x using dvdshrink and nero


Can it be that my liteon drive is heating up too much after a couple of minutes of scanning and actually throwing the scan off after the middle.


The point from where on the error values are getting higher is the start of the 8x burning zone. Try to burn @4x or @6x and do another scan… you will see it’s not the reader… :wink:


Well know take a look at the same disk burned at 4x on a memorex ricoh 01 4x dvd+r disk. It is still looks bad don’t you think?


My guess would be that the media is very subpar and that by increasing the speed to 8x you are getting worse scans at the end cuase that were the dye seems to be the weakest. You can always scan the end of the disc if this seems to be a heat problem. ALso try scanning them again as my ricoh always seem to have way better results after about a day of sitting. Weird but true. And dont forget the most important thing see if they play ok in a stand-alone player.

I am using the NEC 2500a with Herries beta 5 to 2510. I use the Sony 4x disk which are Ricoh R01’s. I have burned a couple of movies flawlessly with it and have played them back in my Toshiba DVD player. They burn @ 8x with slightly increased burn times but they contain no errors. So Sony’s version seems to be pretty high quality. Hope that helps.

The quality of Ricohjpnr01 DVD+Rs varies extremely. Even discs of the same batch perform differently. One example: I use Tevion DVD+Rs with Ricohjpnr01 media code. I get them in a local supermarket in small quantities for a decent price. My first disc of the batch was a coaster: Unrecoverable read error at the beginning of the 8x zone :Z .

To my surprise, the second disc of the batch could be read perfectly @16x max. The graph in CD Speed is completely linear - no single slowdown! I burned further discs of the same type @8x and all of them could be read perfectly.

But the one coaster shows, that the quality varies in some cases and might even result in a coaster. So I recommend to burn these media @6x. AFAIK, the speed limit in the official NEC firmware is 6x - absolutely right in my opinion.


I fully agree to easy-going-man!

I had several batches of RICOJPNR01 - some burned very well @8x but some were crap even @4x, so it seems you were not lucky when you bought your discs… :frowning:

I really wonder why the PIs exceed 280 @4x; that’s not typical… :confused: