Kprobe scans and hardware -> dvd-rom, combo or dvd-rw?



The question is simple. Which one gives the most reliable results? I’m getting an LG dvd-rw tomorrow, but I would still like to use Kprobe to scan my burns, so right now I’m thinking of getting a 16x Liteon dvd-rom. Best choice?

Thanks in advance.


dvd-rom drives are not reliable scanners you would need a Liteon, BenQ, plextor, NEC, for that and ofcourse not every model supports reliable scanning, i’d recommend a Liteon DVD-RW 451S and above or BenQ 1620/1640 for scanning, if you want the best of both worlds then the BenQ is probably the one to go for, but if you want to use K’probe your only choice is a 451S or above.

401S/411S/811S (hardware wise all the same drive), arent reliable scanners although much better than a dvd-rom


Well, I was thinking about Liteon’s SOHD-16P9S DVD-ROM. So you say it’s not as reliable as DVD-RW drives? Anyone care to corraborate this claim?

#4 have a look for yourself


Okey, so I have to get a Liteon DVD-RW as wel if I want to test the burns. As I understand there is still no software that works with the newer LG drives?




Crap. Now I’ve got to find 50$ extra cash somewhere. Should be fun considering I’m absolutely broke. =)