Kprobe Scanning

Hi all

i’ve finally read up on using kprobe and have started to do scans of some of my discs and the PI/PO errors are good, although when doing a Nero CDSpeed scan (3.30) I seem to get a saw like transfer rate, but this is not reflected in my kprobe scans.

At Current I’ve saved the scans in PNG format but not sure how to add attachments to my post. is there anyway to preview the post with the attachments.

Then i can show you what i mean about the scans.


“Go Advanced”

“Go Advanced”
Scroll to “Additional options”
“Attach files”

Oops forgot to edit first post with this

Thanks Ton80 with the attachment problem, anyway here is the scans with my liteon sohw-1633s firmware BS0H of a FUJIFILM03 burned at 8 using kprobe

and here is the NeroCDSpeed transfer rate graph

what i’m asking is this normal with low PI/PO errors like the kprobe shows or some kind of drive defect or something. I’m new to this and am not quite sure what to expect from this drive with these discs