Kprobe scan results on a dvdrom

I’m not really sure if this is a great burn or not, the media (RICOHJPNR01 sold as bulk ritek) has been hgihly regarded as good, but my drive (NEC 2510A official 2.15 firmware) dosen’t support PI/PO scans. My scanning was done on a classic liteon LTD-163 which is just a DVD-ROM drive.

My guess would be that you are seeing a classic example of why many people avoid ROM scans in favor of scans on burners only, based on the up/down pattern. This media has a very wide range of quality on different burners and I can’t find any scans of NEC 2510 burns. If you really want another qualified opinion you should look for someone with a qualified burner and have them re-run the scan.

You could try running a scan on a clean commercial pressed disc to give yourself a reference. I’ve done this with a liteon combo drive. It gives me a rough idea of the burn quality. If that’s a 4x or a 6x burn it’s not as good as I would expect on a 2510. One of the best burns I have ever seen was burned and scanned on a litey 832 (sony 700 firmware) on that media. I have a 2510 that performs very well on that media with maddog 2F7 firmware. My frustrations with scanning on the combo have led me to the BenQ 1620, which has good reading/scanning abilities and looks like a pretty good burner as well.

I’m not sure if anybody knows what the rom drive is reporting or if/how it correlates to burner scans. The rom and combos generally do not respond to the speed control commands properly, which by itself will throw off the results.