KProbe scan question

Hey all,

I backedup a xbox game of mine. i have 411s. no i didnt hack it or anything. just like it the way it is.i have fs0j firmware. used the bitsetting tool to change from dvd+r to dvd-rom. anyway, i did a scan using kprobe (w/ default settings) and the spikes were HIGH! they were in the 900’s for P1 and about 300 for P0. I would attach an image but i deleted them! Ill try to post one if someone asks for it.

Are the spikes high because it is an xbox game? I mean XP doesnt even read the cd.

Oh, I have a Maxwell dvd+r and its ricohjpn

Thanks for any help =) Keep up the excellent work, guys

Hi Jigga73081

900 PI And 300 PO Doesn’t Sound 2 B A Very Good Burn.
But The Main Concern Is If The Your Xbox Can Play The Backup Copy.
U Can Sometimes Tell If U Have A Good Copy When The Backup Loads Up Just As Quick As The Original.

Here’s A Backup Copy Of Fight Night That I’ve Backed Up.
DVD Used Was A DVD+R 8x MCC003 (Mitsubishi Chemical Corp)

Here The Same DVD+R 8x MCC003 (Mitsubishi Chemical Corp) Spun Thru Nero CD-DVD Speed v3.01.

General Information
Firmware: US0N
Disc: DVD-ROM (MCC 003)
Selected speed: 4 X
PI errors
Maximum: 26
Average: 2.89
Total: 7778
PI failures
Maximum: 5
Average: 0.07
Total: 205
PO failures: n/a
Jitter: n/a
Scanning statistics
Number of samples: 33316
Average scanning interval: 1.18 ECC
Glitches removed: 0

Jigga73081 U Mention That U The Default Setting In Kprobe
In Kprobe 2.1.0 We Use:
4x Speed
ECC Block Sum (PI/PO) : 8/1

And My PC Has No Trouble Reading The Backup Copy

well the backup plays fine in my xbox. i think almost as same as the original that i have. i was just curious that’s all

Pulsee: your Pi/po is 33/4 and mine is 900/3! thats a huge difference!!!

the speed setting was at MAX. but i changed it to 4x (i burnt the backup at 4x anyway). and 8/1 are left alone

anyway, here is the image. tell me what you guys think


PI Results Is A Major Concern
But Your PO Results Is Very Good.

MayB U Have A Bad Batch Of RICOHJPN01 Or That Your 411S Doesn’t Like Them.
I Have Done Some Of My Best Burns With RICOHJPN01 In The Past With My 812S.

That scan doesn’t look so great.
As a general rule, you want see PI errors < 280.

But the POs are fine. Makes me wonder if it’s a problem with the reader… :confused:


Just 2 Quench My Curiosity

Could U Please Scan The Same DVD Thru Kprobe 2.1.0 With These Settings:
1x Speed
ECC Block Sum (PI/PO) : 8/1

2 See If This Greatly Reduces Your PI Error Readings.

Reboot Your PC B4 Any More Burning Or Kprobe Scanning.
This May Fix Your Problem If Your PC Has Been Running Without A Reboot 4 Several Hours Or Days.

sure will Sir

gimme a few minutes.

Also, when i backedup the orig game. the disc was dirty… like thumbprints and all that… i made a copy BEFORE i cleaned it!!! maybe thats why. but here…

1st image - the dirty disc game (before cleaning the orig cd)
2nd image - the good backup of another game (the orig cd was clean, no problems).

Hmm it seems with 1x its a MUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHH better result… woohoo!:slight_smile:

you can forget all the spikes on the PI graph
they are a mechanical problem in the reader
and likely not on the disk at all .
(see “spikey Liteon” threads)

RICOHJPNR01 vary greatly in quality from
tub to tub, it may just be a poor quality tub
giving PI in the 100-400 range. Should still
work OK as PO readings are fine.