Kprobe scan on dvd-r burn speeds

I burned a couple of ritek 4x dvd-r,first one at 4x and the second one at 2x and got very different readings,is this normal for the 411s?

Yup perfectly normal. Ritek G04’s have been known to burn better at 4x then at 2x on these drives :iagree:

(I’ve got the same drive and get the same issue, higher errors when I burn at 2x on G04’s compared to 4x)

It won’t be the first time that burning something slower than the rated speed has caused problems. This is a fairly common phenomenon.

Edit: Ssseth beat me to it. :wink:

Thanks for the reply,i do get better burns with dvd-r than with dvd+r but might be bad ricoh media here in canada. :eek:

Same for me. I also get better (but still not good) burns with -R media on my LiteOn 811S even when i tried original branded Ricoh +R discs.

I’m still using DVD-R’s (G04’s) and have been more than happy with them. :smiley:
I’ll probably buy some +R media eventually so I can burn at 8x and play around with all the cool tools that the codeguys have made. But overall I’m happy with my 4x burns on -R media.