KProbe-Scan of ND 3520A FW1.24

Here is a scan I just completed of my new ND-3520.
Bought it as a bulk version, downloaded FW 1.24 (Original, unpatched IoData),
flashed the drive and burnt a Verbatim +R Photo Printable 16x certified with 16x (almost full disc finished in 5’07")
Bitsetting is not changeable - but it automatically sets itself to DVD-ROM (which I absolutely need!). Here is the scan - one of the best I’ve ever seen with my LiteOn 165H…

MCC004 are hell of a discs for 16x :wink:

Same setup as above, only burnt with 12x. Burn TIME is not very much longer (5’52" instead of 5’07"), but errors are even lower

Look at the amount of errors seriously, all in all they are not lower, just the maximum PI is… :confused:

But it is still an impressive result…
Hehe I’ve just ordered some MCC004 for my 3500A… :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was wondering about that solid block of PIF’s at level 1. Is that a problem with the 3520 or with the testing method? When I burn MCC 004 at 16x on the NEC 3500, I get around 500 Pif’s total with a max of 4. I use CD speed on a Benq to test.

This is normal for DVD-Rom drives to show a block of PIF…

I think, it is the testing method: we all know (read the KProbe FAQ), that KProbe is no “absolute” tool but can just give you a tendency, where your quality of the burns go. It is all dependent on the hardware, you are using to test the burn.
So: you never know, how good the hardware actually is you are testing it with. I have seen scans of the VERY SAME burn done with different LiteOn-DVD-ROMs and some done with the SAME MODEL (different manufacturing dates), and they all were different.
In other words: I am not worried about that solid block of "1"s at all…
If I happen to find a scan of my old 811s, I’ll post it, so you’ll see.


First Post. I’ve just ordered a NEC-3520A after being fed up with my liteon 812s. I prefer dvd-r media and it burns like absolute crap on my burner. I’ve flash it with 4 different firmwares etc… I spent about 25 - 30 hours messing with it with little luck. I finally decided to get a NEC.

I have to ask where to get the MCC 004 disks. Can I have a link to an online store to purchase them (if it is allowed by the mods). I would like to get a 100 or so on their way. From the reading I think that they’re verbatium but not too sure.

IF possible I would like to get a few disks that members have had good luck with with the NEC-3520A.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Mikerismrr

congrats on buying the NEC - after my experiences with the LiteOn (which in the beginning were great, but later on I got fed up with it) I am glad I purchased a NEC.
As to your question about the media: I do not know, whether MC004 media in -R-Format are available. Check with At, they do have a spindle with 50 +R printable 16x certified though, for about 50 Euro at the moment! Great price for great quality. If you flash your NEC with the IoData firmware, it auto-bitsets the +R to DVD-ROM and gives you great readability and compatibility for both standalone and computer DVD-Players (+ fast burning speeds)
BTW - I just found some older 4x certified Verbatim printable -R, and the NEC burnt them with 6x without problems!

Ritek has always been a good dvd-r disc for me, I’ve heard tiayo yuden is good as well

Thanks for the info and quick reply.