KProbe results help



Hi,i would like to know from the experts if this is considered a good burn.I know PI must be lower than 280 and PO than 25,but is it ok,that i have no areas without PO=0? I mean i ve a regular pattern with PO=5.

I bought today a Liteon 166S DVD ROM and here are the results.Read speed was from 2,2 to 5 increasing (couldn’t make it 4X regular,used CD Bense to keep speed down a bit).

This is a Memorex CMC 4X,but i 'd say it is a regular burn,an MCC Verbatim i scanned is almost the same.Some others had 1-2 isolated PO spikes up to 300 .Should i worry?

Thank you.


Oh i forgot.I use Pioneer 107D 1.13


Since you are using a DVD-ROM to scan media, the actual values you see have no particular meaning. The only reason for you to scan is to compare one disc to the next to see which has fewer errors.


So you mean that actually the graphs in reality could be much worse and instead of good burns as they appear they may be bad ones?

I 've read that KProbe was designed for DVD writers and that they probably count the errors in different way,but is it possible that a DVD reader (which usually is supposed to read better than the burner) is incapable of detecting the real condition of the disc at all?:rolleyes: I mean after all,they both READ the disc don’t they…I wonder why it works with DVD ROMS too after all…

Anyway thanks.


At least, the graph shows that the disc can be read in your 166S without any problem (low PI/PO values with your 166S), right? I think you can relax a bit now like me. Now your burns can be read flawlessly in both your ROM drive and burner. Just burn some movies with cheap disc and see if it can be read smoothly in your DVD player.

I sincerely hope that you can get the result you want from your Pioneer.

I attach a PI/PO graph of cheap SKY 4x DVD-R burnt with my Pioneer A07XLB for your reference. The scan is completed by Liteon DVDROM drive 165H FW CH12. Although I am still figuring out if my drive has the same problem like yours, I hope you will be happier after reading the graph.

Also, please read this thread:


Thanks.Much appreciated.I 've bought also a 25 spindle of Datawrite Red V2 (AN31) and i ll burn some in the next days,i m curious to see if they ll show another graph.They are notorious bad quality discs specially at the end.


I read the link you gave me.For now i ve no spiral problems,but i haven’t written on any cheap discs with 1.13.

As far as i understand,seems that 1.13 is bad firmware and many think 1.10 was good,right?

Well,i still have to scan some older firmware DVDs i had burnt ,again Memorex CMC and Verbatim MCC and i m curious to see if they show differences.


I think there must be an attendibiliy problem of the results mainly about the PO…It can’t be so good.THis is a Vivanco DVD+R (manufact:0001PLUS) burnt with older firmware.Never heard of it.It was in jewel case,about 1,50 Euros,but i can’t beleive it is THAT good… I think it was supposed to be from German brand.

I guess the AN31 results will be the final trial



I agree with your conclusion that that firmware 1.13 (and 1.12) do not really seem to be an improvement on 1.10

I’ve had communication failures, coasters and greatly increase pi/po readings when using these firmwares. I’m back on 1.10 and intend to stay there until Pioneer get their act together.



Boy,after this,i beleive i have reason to trust KProbe even if i have just a Liteon reader and not a burner.

This is BY FAR my worst burn. Glory to Datawrite RedV2 AN31:

I don’t trust these…things.I ll use them only for data i need to pass to someone temporarily or something.The CMC graph compared to this seems a beauty!


And the funny is the poor LiteON actually reads this crap!