KProbe Questions

I thought I had a handle on the results generated by KProbe. I was confident that I could tell by the KProbe scan which DVDs would play in my home DVD player and which ones would not. Then today I received a DVD from a friend. I scanned the disc and got horrible results. I almost didn’t bother to try it in my DVD player.

The darn thing plays perfectly. Can someone explain why this is. This scan was done with 1 ECC.

Umm maybe it just does. But seriously it shouldn’t matter if your player supports the DVD format. Plus, if it works don’t ask questions.

Anything scaned 250 and below I keep. I have noticed that with high results, sometimes at 500 I can play them in my dvd stand alone without any problems what so ever. So what ever works for you, use it…

I know that this is not very good advice but, what ever works. Thats the conclusion that I have come too.


I´ve noticed that it is very different how standalones are able to play discs with many errors on them.
My first standalone, JVC XV-N55L are able to read close to anything, while the DVD recorder I bought a couple of weeks ago, JVC DR-M1 hava a hard time to read dics with not so much errors.
I´ve also bought a Yamaha 540 for my daughter for christmas and it also plays everything.
A friend of mine also has a Yamaha 540 and it even plays “naked” Mpegs!


do you even know what your talking about… yeah his dvd player does support the format but what you are looking at is a ERROR scan program that analyzes how many errors a burned dvdr has on liteon drives… what he was asking is why does a graph that is kinda high in errors play at all without problems because sometimes when you get errors graphs like that they do not read or skip or stop playing!

i was going to ignore you but that seems impossible… as ive stated in the other thread…

if your not going to be helpful or constructive quit replying to all 411s threads saying they are POS! what does that do for the person? NOTHING!

unless you have a solution just do not say anything! and buying a new drive is not a solution because for most people that is not an option.

i do not own a 411s but what you are doing is not good or helpful… its destructive and runs people away from the forums that need help or that want to try to constructively help.

Plus, if it works don’t ask questions.

WHY NOT without asking questions he would get any answers! If a person has a question atleast someone might read it and give the person a decent rational answer other than the crap your spewing out!