Kprobe question

Why do you get diferent results depending on what speed you do the test at?
Here are 6 results, all from the same Zero Defex (Ritex G05) 8 speed DVD-R written at 4 speed using my 451@832S_VS04.
I have changed 2 write strats:
Ritek G05 to MXL RG03
Ritek G04 to MXL RG03
The 1st 3 results are using Kprobe 1 and the last 3 are Kprobe 2 and they are at 2x, 4x, 8x

I ran out fo space so here is the last result, Kprobe 2 at 8x

Oops, forgot to upload it

the faster you scan the more errors you get. the standard is to scan at 1x but we scan at 4x to save time. also if your scan at 4x is still good that means you should have a good burn and good media. your scans look fine…just use the 4x one to measure. and id use kprobe 2.2.3 instead of the old version.

Thats odd because the 4X scan was buy far the best and the slowest 2X was buy far the worst

You might be interested in the link below, which I have just come across:

Just wondering, did you use the same disc for the 2, 4 and 8x scan with kprobe 2.2.3??
Because the scanned range is different in all of them. Correct me if I’m wrong but i would think that the range of the disc would be the same, regardles of the speed you scan with.