KProbe question



Hi all :slight_smile:

Just got my Lite-On SOHW-1673S. I have downloaded KProbe v2.4.3. Is there something I need to configure in KProbe before I start using it? Or can I start scanning my discs right away?




Thanks Halcyon!

Made my first scan with KProbe 30 minutes ago. It worked out well I think.

I’ve attached a PNG of the scan. Do you guys think this is an OK scan/burn?

Kind regards


And here’s another one.


Very good scans! I have to upgrade my rating of newer Liteon drives.


Probably you should Chas :slight_smile:

After I ordered my Lite-On burner I read a lot of bad reviews of the SOHW-1673S, and I regret that bought it. But with these burns/scans I’m glad I chosed it.

And of course, Taiyo Yuden discs, makes it a lot easier for the drive.

Posting another scan. :bow: Taiyo Yuden.