Kprobe question...again

I just felt like it so I burned something @2x with a memorex (Prodisc) 4x media. Then I used Kprobe to scan it @ both 2x and 4x.

The 4x result is horrible, having some 400+ PI errors, but when I scan at 2x, the result is much more acceptable, around 20.

However, for the same media, another disc, if I scanned at 4x with it burned at 4x, the result is acceptable too…around 20.

So I just wonder should I consider my burn as acceptable? Should I scan with kprobe at the same speed as I burn it? :confused:

you should scan with the same speed it will be read at.<a href=“”><img src=“” border=0 alt=“Free Computer Help”></a>

You can’t compare scans from different speeds. The main thing is to scan at the same speed - whatever that is.

scan at the same speed it is READ at, or WRITE at?
cuz how will i know how fast dvd drives or other devices will read my DVD at?

if “READ”, does it mean a DVD written on 2x can only be read at 2x on any devices to avoid high error/skipping?

It makes no difference what speed you scan at, as long as you always use the same speed.

Even if your DVD will be read at lower speeds, by default, it is recommended to KPROBE at 4x with ECC 8. GOOD media should give good readings even at 4x scan. Try other brands until you find the right one. I’ve had consistently high PI/POs on my 811, until I found the right media to use and now my scores are within spec using 4x ECC8 scans.

As to DVD Video, it is read at 1x by your standalone DVD Player. Sure you can KPROBE your disc at 1x, but it’s unlikely you will want to spend 2 hours waiting for the scan to finish. You will likely also get excellent results, that is what counts for your DVD Player since it will certainly not read it at more than 1x.

However, good media combination for your writer should produce good result even at 4x.

Another note, if you people use bitsetting to DVD-ROM your PI/POs will be higher.