Kprobe problems

When I try to use Kprobe, I get an 'Access Violation at blah, blah, blah. Upon searching I saw someone recomment running KillASPI and installing ASPI 4.60. Where can I get these files? Is this my problem? Forgive my ignorance, I am new at this.

System specs
Win XP Pro SP2
Lite-on SOHW-1213 (Master with generic CD-ROM as slave)


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For KProbe aspi is not needed, under XP you can switch to SPTI in KProbes driver menu.

KProbe silently installs ForceASPI. You should have it already- have a look in the \windows directory of your system drive. You’ll find a ForceASPI subdirectory with the required batch files and drivers.

You can use Nero Infotool to check your ASPI status. InfoTool is part of the Nero package. If you don’t have Nero, you can download it directly from the author: