Kprobe problem with LTD 163D / XJ-HD 163D

i keep my kprobe set at 4x when reading and it works fine when use my 832 to scan but when i use my liteon dvd-rom LTD 163D, even if the speed is set at 4x, it will read up to 8x and the scans come out much worse than they did with my 832. i tried upgrading the fw to ghr8 and it changed the name of the dvd rom to XJ-HD 163D (which i read is normal) but still will not read at 4x. anybody have any ideas?

KProbe was never designed for use with LiteOn DVD-ROMs. Only with CD-writers and DVD-writers. In addition to the speed problem, there is also the problem with the DVD-ROM drives “seeing” errors very differently than the DVD-writers.

As a result of these two things, using KProbe on DVD-ROM drives is not recommended.

well that clears that up. thanks for the response

You can download and use CD-Bremse (it’s a CD speed control tool) from The program is German, but you ought to be able to figure out how to run it - it’s not complicated. It won’t keep the speed exactly at 4.0x, but it’ll be much better.

Even with CD-Bremse, your results might not be exactly comparable with tests run on a LiteOn burner - the devices for which KProbe was written. But even so, the results will be useful for your own comparisons. I also have an LTD163D and the values seem to be very close to those obtained by others with LiteOn burners. Better than that though, is the RPM test in DVDInfoPro. That test is the best I’ve found for determining whether a burn is a good one or not. Run that test without one of the speed control programs active. If the output is a straight line inclined from 3-4x upward to about 8x for a burned DVD, you’ve got a good burn. If the line dips significantly in places, you have a questionable burn, especially if it dips below 2x. If you encounter hard, uncorrectable read errors, the disc is useless.

Good luck.

thanks ill try it out