KPROBE problem with BTC 1008

I bought 75 RITEK’s DVD with wich I had bad results with KPROBE (PI > 300 and PO > 50). I coudn’t read those DVD on any player.
I unstalled KPROBE and NERO, reinstall NERO and I can read all the DVD I burn on any DVD player. I dont know if I have a bad PI or a bad PO, what I can say is that I can play my DVD.
I tought it was my BTC 1008 DVD burner wich were not burning correctly, and it was just the testing software …

Does somebody experienced the same problem ?


Paris, France.

You do realise that KPROBE is not intended for BTC drives?
Just ignore the scans if it works.
You could also try Nero CD-DVD speed disc quality test to see how your scans compare if you are truly concerned.

I think French_Chris’ point is that the presence of Kprobe negatively effected the operation of Nero.

Exactly I’ve to deinstall KPROBE to make Nero working correctly