Kprobe PI/PIF question

When use kprobe to test DVD disc, if the PI>280 & PIF>4, it means the disc is bad quality, I want to know the PI>280, is the PI MAX>280 or the Average >280?

The maximum is PI 280 and PIF 4, if you are using [thread=93944]KProbe v2.4.2[/thread] or Nero CD-DVD Speed. But single spikes above this are usually ok. The ultimate test is a Nero CD-DVD Speed transfer rate test. If it returns a smooth scan then the disc is good.

Kprobe test PI/PIF, but Nero CD/DVD speed test PI/PO, is PIF=PO? Also PIF/PO <4?

Yes, PO = PIF. PIF/PO <= 4.