Kprobe partial scan?

Hi everybody, new to this place, trying to get my head around all this stuff. I have a question about Kprobe.

I have an 851s omnipatched with the GS0K fw and auto-bitsetting enabled, and the only other modification was I set the speeds on my media (TY 01 and Prodisc R02’s) to 8x.

My discs almost always have climbing error rates at the end of the scan in Kprobe, I tried the forced recalibration in omnipatcher but nothing seems to help. They are the Samsung TY 01 media, so I know it’s not a media issue, and it also happens on the Prodisc R02’s I got from accaproducts.

After reading about how letting the drive cool down after a burn before doing a Kprobe scan would produce more accurate results, I gave it a try and ended up getting much lower PI/PO’s than I was getting. But still the climbing errors at the end.

So I decided to let my drive cool after a Kprobe scan and then set the region that was being scanned to just the end part of the disc, and it gave me MUCH better results. :confused:

So my question is, if you set Kprobe to only scan the last part of a disc, are the results still valid? Or is it only acceptable to let it scan from the beginning?

Thanks everybody, this is a GREAT forum. And sorry for writing so much. :bigsmile:

Ive seen liteon drives degrade in thier scan ability over time…ie they get too hot at the end of the scan. is your environment cool? do you have alot of fans on your computer? also you may want to try using thier crosspatching tool and turn that 851 into a 832 with VS08 firmware… :wink: and rescan

I always have the A/C running in my house, so it can’t be that :slight_smile:

And no I don’t have many fans, but I only have 2 hard drives, the 851S, and a Samsung DVD-ROM hooked up, so I don’t see how it could be getting hot enough to degrade the scan all the time?

And I was under the impression from reading around the forum that crossflashing to the VS08 was actually giving more problems with error scans and such? and that’s the last thing I need :sad:

Anyway I’ve attached some pics so you can see what I’m talking about, the first is the entire scan of the disc, with the errors at the end. The second is a Nero CD-DVD speed transfer rate test of the same disc in my Dvd-rom drive. And the third is the end of the disc rescanned by itself in kprobe in my 851S