Kprobe on DVDburner or DVD-rom


many people say:

it is better to run kprobe on a dvd-burner

it is better to run kprobe on a DVD-rom

now, what is better???


Kprobe should only be used with a burner! Almost never on a DVD-rom. If for some reason you have to use a DVD-rom be sure to use a program to limit the speed to 4X.

thank you.
accepted, but why???

K-probe is designed and written for the sole purpose of liteons only. The program will only control a liteon writer, so anything else you use will not have garunteed accuracy. If you don’t hace a liteon burner, then try nero cd-speed

More info can be found here

yes, clear.
i use the LiteOn 166s.
but why would it be better to use a LiteOn -DVD-burner??
because the DVD-rom reads faster??


because the dvd-rom drives cannot be controlled properly. the speed flies all over the place.

PI/PO scaning with DVD-ROM drives.

(from the Interpreting PI/PO error scans thread)