Kprobe no longer works after new nforce drivers install

it says there is no disk in drive and a course there is a dvd in there dvdinfo see,s it and every thing else see it.any ideas?

Try the original M$ drivers; uninstall the nVidia. It has been proven and said the nVidia has some bad IDE drivers as far as releases, so you may just want to hold off on it for now.

well they are aweume other then the kprobe prblem there very very very fast

Not having an nForce board, I couldn’t compare it to anything :wink:

As the saying goes, “Do what cha gotta do.” :smiley:

I have no problem using KProbe at all with the latest (3.13) NForce Platform drivers installed. I’m using an Asus A7N8X Deluxe 2.0

I had the same problem with EAC. (exact audio copy) couldn’t get it to work after I installed the new nforce drivers (3.13). Tried to installed different aspi layers without succes.

But I found a solution a last :smiley:

Copy wnaspi32.dll in the directory of EAC.

Two days ago I had the same problem with CD Doctor and KProbe. And guess what, the same solution works here :cool:

I used the wnaspi32.dll from the force aspi 1.8 kit, but i guess it will also work with the 1.7 version.

Good luck!

I have the same experience, 3.13 killed K-Probe, even gave me a blue screen saying “dumping memory”…
Threw them out, MS drivers may not be very fast but at least they’re stable.

[mobo: Abit NF7-S rev 1.1]

I haven’t seen where people are reporting that the Nvidia SW drivers are faster or an improvement over the M$ drivers. I tried both and didn’t notice a difference other than Kprobe & EAC not working.

For those using the Nvidia drivers then what Taga reports seems to work fine.