Kprobe looks good i think but disk skips in dvd player

I just got this 1673s and when i burn at 8, 12, 16x the disk stops, skips in dvd player. tried several different players and all seem to do this, one seems to work a little better ( less skips ) a cyberhome dvd recorder. if i burn at 4,6x they play fine. am i limited to 4,6x? i am using16x -r verbatims should i try +r? just bugs me that the scans all look ok to me but still don’t play, am i looking at these scans wrong? or is it the dvd players, all of them are 2 years old or less.

Thats wierd. Some DVD Players dont like certain media, though. You’ll have to expirement with different brands to see what works. I tried three before I settled on my choice of media, and thats only because they worked in most players. Some still wont rread my discs, even though Kprobe scans are good.