Kprobe : liteon burner vs. liteon DVD-Rom



yep, i know.
often asked.

i am also a member on the German movie2digital-board.
there, nearly everyone scans his burns with a liteon DVD-Rom.

here, everyone with a liteon DVD-burner.

  1. what is the best method ?
  2. why is the DVD-burner more accurate ?
  3. i heard the DVD-burner should not be used because of its good error-correction. ???
  4. why should the standard scan -speed on DVD-burners be set to 4x and not 8x or even @max???

please help me out.
i have a DVD-burner (LiteOn 812@832, codeking-FW) and a LiteOn 167T.

thank you so much!!!


#2 for reference, btw I’ll try to answer.

  1. scanning with a burner @4x.
  2. don’t know really, but Kprobe was designed to be used on burners.
  3. A burner <u>should be</u> used.
  4. It’s a convention. If everyone scans at the same speed it’s easier to compare results.

Conclusion: use your 832 :slight_smile:


If you really want to see controversy on this look at
but I see you have already posted this question there as well.

I think they are currently doing a study to see which drives have the highest correlation with a CATS machine which must be the standard.

These guys think 8X is the most valid speed and that the 811S or a Plextor is the best choice due to the way they read.

I have tested a number of discs on different ROMS and I found errors from my 812S that were different in both directions so I have no use for ROM scans.

I found that my 812S will give me scans that seem to reflect the quality that others see. Also the better media have better saans than the poor quality media. Lastly I get repeatable results. So for $60 I am content. I am sure I don’t get “correct” error rates but I didn’t spend $5000.



big thank you!!!