Kprobe help & 802S

Hello! I have been using LiteOn SOHW-802S (which came bundled with a Compaq), DVD Shrink, DVD Decrypter and now Nero to burn DVD’s. Before I knew better, I was using super crappy media (CMC c/o Memorex & HP). I also have some ProDisc but the results are about the same. That is- coasters! I have a pile of them and it’s really starting to frustrate me!!!

I contacted LiteOn for help, and all they had to say was that they didn’t recognize the 802S. How the heck is that possible? I investigated the whole OmniPatcher/ firmware update idea, but I am really uneasy about messing with that. For one thing, it’s actually my bf’s computer. And for another, I have a tendency to cause problems on it. Hence my hesitation.

I have started using Kprobe and don’t really know what I am doing. Nor could I find a helpful webpage with directions on to how to use it. Usually I just put the DVD in and run the BLER test with the default settings (autodetect, remove spike, 8, 1) and sure enough, in the end I get a lot of errors. I don’t understand the graph. I’ve been assuming that if the disk has errors, then it’s not good (i hope that’s a safe assumption!). Problem is, many of my disks have errors. Even the Prodisc, which I thought was a more decent media. I got paranoid and started using Nero instead of Decrypter, and things have been going better. There was a time when I was burning disks with no problems, but I seem to have hit an awful downhill slope.

So, I’m hoping someone can help explain kprobe or at least point me in the right direction. Also, any info about the 802S would be greatly appreciated!

thank you!

the defalt setting will be fine just make sure that you scan at 4X and save the image by clicking the discette symbol save as png format and post your scans here.

All disks including comercially pressed disks are going to have errors. The dvd format has error corection built into it. The cutoff point is 280 for the first graph and 4 for the second graph. A single small spike that goes higher usally wont cause problems. Cutoff point isn’te really the best term. this is the point at which disks tend to start haveing problems reading. You may have disks above this that are playable or disks below this that are not.
Here is an example of a very good scan
Here is an example of scan with a bad area
Some of that disk may play fine but when it hits those bad areas it probably will not.
This was scanned with an older ver of kprobe so the limits for it are 280and 32. I just wanted you to see the first graph.
While this looks like a much worse burn that the first one I posted, keep in mind, it is still well below limits and should play just fine. It is an acceptable burn.

hearing that most disks have errors was not the most reassuring news. here’s something else that really confuses me. I ran a disk i had deemed as ‘Bad’ under 4x (previously the speed was just set on MAX). Kprobe came back and showed no errors! this was quite surprising, so I tried to play the movie on my computer with winDVD. nothing. the disk just spun. so i put the disk in my regular DVD player. same result. the Sony wouldn’t even recognize that there was a DVD in there!

meanwhile, on another disk, i tested it at 4x and it came out error-free with a decent looking graph. Then I tested at MAX and it was overloaded with errors! yet this disk seems to work okay in my player. i say ‘seems’ because although i’ve fast-forwarded through the entire thing, i haven’t watched it (usually when i fast-forward on a bad disk, it’ll get hung up somewhere halfway through)

hmmmm, there must be an easier way to view these attachments? i can barely tell which one is which!

if you have got confused by ripits post then iam not supprised. as the 3 scans he posted will teach you nothing.
all disc`s will contain some pie/pif when scaned max pie = 280 max pif = 4 but not ecc block errors ( or eec block errors not sure which one it is)

as in you first posted scan:
errors:0 (this is ecc)
pie max = 184 (not good but exeptable)
pif max = 59 (bad)

your first scan is not to bad and should be playeble.
your second scan was done at max not at 4X so does not mean a lot.
your third scan was done at max not at 4X so does not mean a lot.
your fourth scan is realy horrible.

your drive is basicly a liteon 812s or 832s with special oem firmware for compaq and thats why liteon will not help you. you realy need to burn quality +R media with liteon burners for best results.

i did a search for 802s in the liteon sub-forum, maybe reading up these onthreads might help or post a question there.

good luck :wink:

okay, back up. what i still don’t understand is why should i test it at 4x rather than MAX?

(hmmm, seems like most of my DVD’s look like the last scan)

because 4X is the standard kprobe scanning speed on cdfreaks, scanning at higher or lower speeds means you scans can not be compared to others.