Kprobe giving me different results

Hello all,

First of all great forum here and a big thank you to the code guys for the omnipatcher, great work. I am very new to DVD burning and all that comes with it but have learnt alot in the last few days since buying my 812S :smiley:

My problem is that Kprobe (still getting used to kprobe btw) is giving me different scans of the same disc using different firmware (VS08 vs US0N). I burnt the game backup with the 812s@832s @4x (smartdisc - longten). These are my results until i figure out how to post an image :o

Kprobe scan speed is 4x 8/1 (not using realtime chart)

Max Avg Total
PI 822 472.90 62946623
PIF 6 0.29 26539

Same disc scanned using VS08 812S@832S

    Max      Avg         Total

PI 678 409.70 5235692
PIF 5 0.13 13005

  1. Why are the results different?

  2. Which firmware should i rely on or use?

  3. Also another question, I am using LONGTEN (smartdisc) media atm and the scans im getting are…well c*ap i think. Should I try a different write strategy and which one would be the best reccommended. I know this is not quality media but is all i have atm.


I had similar issues recently with my new 832s. I did a scan twice by mistake of a disc that I burned on the 832s earlier in the week and the difference in the two scans was a little bit greater than that in your example.

I scanned another DVD+R that was also burned on the 832s and it too gave me a different result. The 832s was on the same firmware for all scans too.

I wonder what’s up with that? Also disc’s that gave me horrible KPROBE scans when burned and scanned with my old 811s now scan very well and look like they would “very good” disc’s when scanning with KPROBE from the 832s but I know the disc’s are not “good” -they are really more like the scans from the 811s because I know that they do not play on some set top DVD players.

I even have a better example… See Lite-On Forum…
Two different RicohJPNR01 disks, cut on different BURNERS, results look the same, how can this be ???

K-Probe 2.2.3 different scans on different firmwares ???

See my thread in LiteOn…


I’ve made similar observation.
See [thread=101079] this! [/thread].
My questions are still open.

are you guys giving some time between scans and burns so that the drive can cool down a bit? its what I do and I think others too. let the drive cool after a burn and/or after a scan.

The issue of varying scans has been discussed MANY times in numerous threads. All these questions have been answered.
Look HERE and HERE and search the media forum. The problem is the disc, not KProbe. Do not compare scans from different drives or firmwares if you’re looking at relative burn quality.

Thanks for the additional links. I have been reading as many K-Probe threads as I can find. But none of them answer this question.

Disk#1: RicohJPNR01@R02 burned on LiteOn 812@832 @ 8X scanned on 812@832(VS08).
Disk#2: RicohJPNR01@R01 burned on BenQ 800@822 @ 8X scanned on 812@832(VS08).

The SCANS look the same !!! - How can this be ???

why not post your said scans so they can be compared

I started a thread. They are the under PI/PO… All the picturers are there. Don’t want to double post.

@ uknown1234

The thing is the scans are consistant with each firmware, so I highly doubt it would be the heat causing these results.

@ rdgrimes

thanks for the links, hopefully will find the answers within :smiley:

It seems that scanning with VS08 shows the results are 2x better than US0N… for me anyway.