Kprobe gave me the blue screen on me pc

kprobe gave me the blue screen on me pc it just shut down

gave a blue screen then i hade to reboot

not used it again as i dont want to keep geting blue screen ??

eny ideas ???

Maybe just coincidence? You never know until you try it again. What version of KProbe are you using? I downloaded the new 2.4.3, was looking what has been changed, checked the part where you can see all the technical details of the drive and there it shut down. I tried again, same thing happened. Fortunatelly I still had 2.4.2, so installed that one again, and all functions are back to normal again. It could be there’s something faulty with the newest version.

:wink: Leo

Probably an IDE driver or ASPI problem. Post the text output of Nero Infotool as text file attachment using the Manage Attatchments button so we can have a look at your config.

If Kprobe is set to run on ASPI driver, change it to SPTI. Or do the opposite depending on your current driver setting. On SPTI, you should not see BSOD’s, but anything’s possible if you have some weird 3rd party IDE drivers or other storage device drivers.