KProbe for Sony Burners?

Recently tumble across the KProbe tool. Can any versions be used for Sony DRU500A or Sony DRU710A?

If not, what do you folks recommend?

I have used the read error tests by dvdinfopro and nero but the KProbe looks like the type of analysis I need.


It definitely can for the 710A as the 710A is just an over-priced re-badged Lite-On burner. The DRU500A on the other hand was made before Sony started outsourcing production to Lite-On so it probably won’t work. BTW I believe the 710A is actually the Lite-On 1633.

As the SONY DRU500A is the same drive as the SONY DRU500AX this post might\might not be of interest someone has flashed it to a LITEON LDW-400D…But remember its not a straight flash so read carefully
I was actually thinking of doing this with my old dru500ax and use it just for scanning but some of the links are broken…(i assume the liteon ldw would work with kprobe)

Thanks guys. I have a 710A in the box still (waiting for media prices to drop) but I’ll get it out and start using it.

Thx again.

In the Box?

Probably got cheaper since you bought it then - unless you find someting super-special, getting any optical drive before you need it is not a good idea - the 1633/1653 family that the 710A is based on, is already heading for obsolescence with the 1673 (DRU720) and 1693 (DRU800 ? )

Even if 8x +RW, 6x -RW and DVD-R double layer don’t matter to YOU, they are coming - slowly and no doubt as overpriced as +R double layer.

Would be good to have a -R DL burner. But hey, it’s only money!