Kprobe....false results

TY01 (Verbatim Pastel 4x DVD+R) mast 4x on DRU700 VS04
kprobe 2.2.2 read speed 4x

reader: 832s VS04 -> PI from 10 to 13

reader: DRU700 VS04 -> PI below 0.xx

reader: 812 US0N -> PI below 0.xx

reader: 812@832 VS04 -> PI from 10 to 13

reader: Liteon 163 -> PI from 10 to 13


I think that PI 10-13 is the right result.

I’m confused :confused:
What point are you trying to make?

shiro, it is normal, kprobe scans are relative, they change from drive to drive.
you should use always the “same” reader/writer to scan the disks.
moreover if the reading curve is perfect (no slowdown) then the disk is also perfect.

Isn’t dru700 and 832 same dvd-rw? The firmware is the same in the test… Why are there differents results ? :confused:

what he meant was stick with the same actual DRIVE not model or type. each DRIVE will report different results which will not be comparable to each other necessarily. if you always use the same drive it should continue to have the same read characteristics… however you might be interested to scan the same disc several times with the same drive and you will see variance even there.

Well, firmware makes a difference as well.

I flashed my Sony DW-U18A with the SOHW-812S US0N firmware and did a CDSpeed Disc Quality scan of a dual layer disc I had burned on my NEC drive. I then flashed to the SOHW-832S VS04 firmwaer and did another scan of the same disc. VERY different results.

Offhand, I don’t remember what they were, but it was something like 39(PI)/4(PO) for the 812S firmware and 178(PI)/7(PO) for the 832S firmware.

I guess I always expected a little more consistency.

consistancy is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

what kprobe indicates for pi/pif/po are what the drive sees as errors. each firmware may have a slightly different way of dealing with errors. each drive will have a different sensitivity to errors. as long as they read in your player what difference does it make? it isn’t the hunt for the perfect scan… just the ability to store data of one type on a storage device.