Kprobe/CDSpeed with my 3 DVD readers: which Firmwares do I use?

Hi. I am a newbie who has just bought 2 recorders:
The NEC 2510A, and the Pioneer 107D.

I am going to burn my first discs, and then I will scan them to test the burn quality. As normal, I will use KProbe, and Nero cd-speed.

I have 3 DVD readers.
I want to know if the firmwares in my DVD readers are ok. I would prefer to keep the original fws. I don’t like flashing complexities unless necessary.

These are my readers:

  1. LiteOnLTD163D with fw GHR3
  2. Sony DDU1612 with fw DYS3
  3. Sony DDU1621 with fw S3.5

all the firmwares are the original from factory.
I guess the Sonys are really LiteOn OEMs, so they will run KPROBE without problems, isn’t it?

My recorders are:
-Pio 107D with fw 1.05 and OEM kernel. (I will upgrade it eventually)
-NEC 2510A with fw 2.15

I guess these won’t work with Kprobe. But they will work with CD-Speed, isn’t it?

It seems that 1612 is a Lite-on 166s and 1621 is a Lite-On CD-Writer LTR-24102B. (Am I right?)

Clearly 166s is the choice here. It may give you some guideline but I’m not so serious with Kprobe especially when it is from non-writers. Probably observing the readback curve in Nero CDSpeed is good enough.

There’s a lot of threads on Kprobe with writers and readers, maybe worth reading those.

the 1612 is a Lite-On 166S, yes
the 1621 is a reader: a BTC BDV-316B

here is the source:

is the BTC compatible with KProbe?
mmmh, it is not, according to these:

yes, I will check the Kprobe threads, thanks :slight_smile:

none of those is really comaptable with kprobe although it can be run on Liteon DVD rom drives the results are not accurate to compare. A liteon dvd recorder is needed to run kprobe properly.

the results are not accurate to compare.

I can’t compare the reader-results with a recorder results. But I can compare several media tested with the same reader (eg 163D), isn’t it?

PI/PO scanning with DVD-ROM drives


what you dont lika ma englash? whas a matta you?

you may get inconsistent results…but you could try to scan the same disk twice and see if its consistent.


Many people do use ROM drives for scanning errors, and this is certainly better than not scanning at all. But you have to be aware that your scans cannot be compared to scans done in burners. So your only use for the scans is to compare one disc to another as you are searching for the right combination of media and burn speed in your own burner.

thats precisely what I want to get: given 2 DVD disks, which one has the best quality.
For example,
-Compare 2 different medias, recorded on the same burner,
-Compare same media, recorded on different burner.

huh? inconsistant results? thats ugly.
Ok, I will repeat the scans to check that.

Many people report that they seem to get fairly consistant scans with the 165/166 drives. One thing you can do to increase consistancy is use one of the speed limiting programs to lock the drive at 4x max speed while scanning.

I was just going to ask about the speed locking. I’ve seen posts that has <10 PI error scanned in 166s. The pictures shows that it was done at 4x, whatever software they used, they locked the read speed.

Is there a fundamental reason that those scans are still inferior? Always the argument against 166s(or whatever reader) was “you can’t fix the reading speed.”. And now we know we can.

I am now scanning a pressed DVD with my Sony DDU1612 (LTD166S)
and results are noticeably inconsistant after 3 consecutive scans. For example:
Average PI: 24,64 ***29,56 ***23,44
Average PIF: 0,74 ** 0,96 ** 0,78

Also, Kprobe can’t control the speed of this drive. It always scan at full speed.
CDBREMSE can’t control the speed of this drive either.
I will now try the LTD163D reader instead.

163D at full speed:
also, somewhat inconsistant after 3 scans (same disc as before):
Average PI: 2,06 >>2,64>>3,16
Average PIF: 0,62>>0,63>>0,66

CDBREMSE can control the speed of this drive, but NOT when KProbe is in use.
I set it at 4X in both programs, but still scans it at full speed.

EDIT: CDBREMSE can “lock” the speed at 4X, and then, it works!! the scan is done at 6X or so, but I hear the drive’s speed constantly fluctuating. It seems as if KProbe and CDBREMSE are fighting against each other to impose the drive’s speed. I guess this is bad for the drive.

EDIT: with the locked speed, I get more consistancy:
Average PI: 4,38>>4,87>>4,16
Average PIF: 0,68>>0,69>>0,73

But as I have said, I don’t like how the drive modulates the speed.