Kprobe can't see 851S due to SCSI/nVidia?

Okay, probably a dumb problem that I am overlooking, but I cannot get kprobe (v1.1.28) to see my 851S (fw 08). The only drives I can select are “1-0-1-0”, “3-0-0-0” or “3-0-1-0”. I assume these are my Pioneer SCSI DVD-ROM, Lite-On 851S, and Plextor CD-RW respectively. I know others have mentioned problems with SCSI devices on their systems (I have an Adaptec 2940UW w/1 HD and 1 DVD-ROM), and also with nVidia drivers (Asus A7N8X v2 mobo). So what should I do first to get kprobe working, try other drivers, remove SCSI device(s), etc.? Is there a sure-fire fix?

The problem lies with your ASPI drivers. If your operating system is Windows 2000 or XP, then remove ASPI by using killaspi.bat from forceASPI. Otherwise try another version of ASPI.

I have now removed the ASPI files, but kprobe is still not fully recognizing the 851. The drive is now listed as “2-1-0-0 H:”, and shows info about brand and model when I select “Inquiry” on the Raw Cmd page. No biggie I guess, but do others have the 851 shown properly in the “drive select” pull-down?

Try using Adaptec 4.7X versions, KProbe can be very picky with ASPI…

Uninstall nVIDIA IDE Drivers, and install Adaptec ASPI 4.60… try with ForceASPI.

It’s the nforce SW IDE Drivers. Uninstall them. Use the “in-the-box” version of nvidia IDE drivers instead (or the stock Microsoft ones). Kprobe isn’t the only program that suffers from the recognition problem when the Nforce SW IDE Drivers are used.


I had similar problems once, when some cd-related soft installed adaptec 4.60 aspi. If you remove it manually (that means: remove files, remove registry entries, eventually uninstall aspi32 from device manager with show hidden devices turned on) and reboot, everything should be ok.

I have 401@411, nf2 native ide driver works very well with it (version 3.66).

Bottom line - imo - don’t use any adaptec’s aspi. There’re so many problems with it… check this thread for some more details: click

Had the same problem with 811s and Abit NF7. I had Adaptec ASPI 4.6 installed since SmartRipper which I use needs some ASPI. Everything works fine except K-Probe not recognizing 811s and not able to perform any tests. I uninstalled nVIDIA IDE Drivers - no change. Put them back again - same thing. Finally I took Nero’s WNASPI32.DLL file and replaced Adaptec’s file in system32 folder. Restarted the machine and … BINGO! K-Probe recognizes my 811 and works like a charm now. Finally have a chance to see how shitty AN32s are (which I got before I knew what they were). Still, readable and very cheap.