KProbe and SMARTBURN not dectecting my 451S

I just recently baught a LDW-451S and have been reading these forums about DVD Media Quality, so I just wanted to test how good the dvd-r’s I just baught were. Problem is, KProbe does not detect my drive. I also just noticed that SMART-BURN doesn’t work either and everytime I try to open it, I get an “Access Violation” and the program hangs with a “Querying Device…” dialogue. The firmware of the drive is GSB7 and the drive is running on Secondary Master on a Abit NF7-S. Has anyone else experienced similar problems that might be be able to help? Thanks in advance!! :slight_smile:

Sounds like missing or corrupt ASPI. Remove any existing ASPI with KillASPI and install version 4.60.

Worked out the problem! If any of you guys use an nVidia nForce2 motherboard, when you install the drivers, DO NOT Install the nVidia IDE drivers, just use the standard Windows XP ones. These drivers have caused me ASPI problems in the past and was the cause of the problem this time also! :a After I reinstalled the IDE drivers, with the standard Windows XP ones, everything worked perfect! P.S. Thanks for the quick reply, greatly appreciated.