KProbe and Nero CD Speed



sick of my crippled liteon, got a nec3520a…

moved the 851s@832s (CG5G) to USB …

Can someone tell me why I need to use driver SPTI for KProbe scan. Will KProbe change any external setting if I use SPTI?? I used CDSpeed - Disc Quality test to scan a disc 1st time, and it hangs at 66%!! I can end task but it just won’t die, so i have to reset my PC. Then I used KProbe2.42-SPTI, scanned all the way. Then i try again with CD Speed, and this time it’s good. Is it because i used SPTI for KProbe, or the 1st time was just a hardware failure!?

thx :slight_smile:


Here’s the 3rd scan of the disc by CDSpeed v3.61. Is the Jitter function supported by 851s@832s??


Liteon has no jitter support!


thx for the info GrrRon …

just tried to scan with KProbe another disc, but it hanged at 23% …
and i have to reboot … what’s the problem, must be the USB …!!?


Switch to Liteon Firmware, not codeking, and get the latest version of CD/DVD Speed.