Kprobe and dvd labels

has anyone else noticed that after applying a label to a freshly burned dvd that the kprobe pi/po error results increase dramatically?

i have a 451s@851s using gsoc - after the burn, my pi/po results avg 5/.3, varying slighly due to different media. after applying a printed label to the dvd and repeating kprobe, my pi/po results increase 20-40 fold.

then using dvdinfopro, a read scan of the disk shows multiple red read errors, where before the label application, the results were a steady green (no errors).

anyone else notice?:rolleyes:

Stop using stick-on labels.

The extra weight and slight imbalance is what’s causing bad reads on good burns. Many people have noticed that labels cause movies to break up or lock up near the end. Label the case, write on the disc with a Sharpie or use printable discs and a printer that will take them, but don’t use CD-style paper labels on a DVD.

Search for label* in media forums.

thanks for the direction

u mean labels which cover the disc completely right?

coz it was never a problem with the cdrs i did that to. they had the same error rates after the label was on than beofre it was on. wierd. :confused:

The drive mechanism on DVD players is more sensitive. I thought the same as you, having labeled lots of CDs without problems. After I got my DVD burner and cranked out a few dozen backups, I discovered that all those discs I had so painstakingly printed labels for were starting to break up on my standalone, even though they worked fine on my PC drives. I wound up having to recopy them all, and learned my lesson for good.

People tend to forget that there is almost 7x the data shoved onto the same surface area = that much more sensitive and prone to problems.