KProbe & 411s

I’m using KProbe (newest) with aspi 4.6 installed. Running WinXP, 32bit. FS0F firmware on the liteon 411s dvd-burner.
KProbe only see’s 1-0-0-0 and 1-0-1-0 (My cd burner). It does not see 1-0-0-0 Liteon bla blah, like in everyone else’s pictures. It will not read the disk, on either drive. It either says the medium is empty, or some error like that.
Aspi is working properly.
Disk info (with a new burned DVD in)
"Disc Type = UNKNOWN
Manufacturer =

<< Disc Information >>

<< Track Information >>
Number of Complete Sessions on Disc = -1
Any ideas how to get it to recognise my drives? I have tried unistalling, restart,reinstall, no luck.

I’m new to the forum, too, but I have the exact same problem as you. I couldn’t even flash my 411s unless I used ltnflash with the binaries. My ASPI was 4.60 and working correctly, but I could never get K’s Probe to scan my disks. I got the same errors as you.

So, this is what I did. I dowleaded forceaspi and removed aspi from my computer. It was only then that K’s Probe would work, but then I couldn’t burn (Nero 6.3). My advice is to remove aspi if you want to scan your disks and reinstall aspi when you want to burn. I don’t have a better solution, but does someone else have one?

Nero does not use system ASPI, so removing it will have no effect unless you accidently remove the Nero ASPI. Using the “install version” of Kprobe will also install ASPI 4.60, which sometimes causes problems on systems where a later ASPI was alread installed. Kprobe is not supposed to install ASPI where it already exists, but sometimes it does, it seems. Various IDE controller drivers also cause similar problems with drives or ASPI.