Kprobe 411s with Ritek GO4 with bad PI

Hi all, im a newb to this forum and some questions about these kprobe results ive been getting with ritek g04s.

I bought the ritek’s after having shitty results from princos and dodgy lazer brands thinking they were supposed to be good, but im getting weird results when testing the riteks with kprobe as seen below.

Has anyone had similar experience’s with riteks on the 411s giving bad results? And what did they do to correct it.

ive also attached my system summary info incase that helps.


I just did a second test at 4 speed instead of max. Are these results any better?

2nd scan looks marginal.
RitekG04 discs have been VERY variable in quality lately with quite a few crap batches floating around.
You may have better results burning them in RecordNow. (I did)