KProbe 2 will only scan at 1x... bad media?



I am trying to run some tests on Maxell (RG02) media burned in my newly modded 411s@811 (HSOE), but KProbe 2 will only read it at 1x… in the beginning section when it is starting up the drive, it seems to spin up and down a couple times, then it starts reading at 1x. In Nero DVD Speed Burn Quality Test, it never even passes the “spinning up drive” stage…

So, what causes this? If the disc reads well in KProbe2 is there any reason to consider it a bad burn? Are results at 1x similar to results at 4x?

Edit: It will read other discs (including other Maxells) at 4x/Max (whatever I choose)…


Sorry, don’t reply to this one… I just realized there’s a thread specific to KProbe 2 so I’ll put it there.