KProbe 2 media scans on 1653SX@CS0K



Fresh in! A 100-cakebox of Datawrite Titanium Silver Hub Printable 8x DVD-R, all very cheap for 25p each incl. shipping!

Let’s see what we have here:

Date : 05/04/2005 14:37:34
Model : 2-0-0-0 G:LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1653S CS0K
Disc : DVD-R , MCC 02RG20 [Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation]
Speed : 4x
ECC blocks sum (PI/PIF) : 8/1
Scanned range : 0 - 899253
Sampling count : 49704
Errors : 0
PI Max : 25
PI Average : 4.39
PI Total : 31127
PIF Max : 2
PIF Average : 0.01
PIF Total : 99

Burned on the same burner at maximum 8x (how do you guys get them to burn at 12x?) and very happy with the result :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

Finally some good AND cheap media!

See KProbe2 Scans attached.


Good result although a larger burn will give a better indication. I have been getting PIF around 50 for whole disk burn on TYG01 media with 1653S@CS0K (TYG01 is cheap where I live although only 4x media).


And another one:

Exactly the same media as in the test before (Datawrite Titanium branded MCC 02RG20), but burned at 4x. Not exactly the same image, but very similar (both of them are quite small below 2GB). Feel the power of MCC: :bow:


Great! :smiley: Post some KProbe Scans and tell us which brand you bought it as. I am travelling a lot, so can pick up stuff all over Europe and East Asia, but I don’t know which brands to go for. :confused:


Let’s try some other media: I have quite a lot of Philips DVD+RW are very dear at one or even two pounds per piece in either jewel-cases or, if you are lucky, in DVD case-10packs. Either way, the quality is usually very reliable though not perfect and they have some trouble in my (admittedly very picky XBOX). Here an absolutely outstanding scan (though something strange happened with the Scanning towards the end) burned at max 4x (4.1): :cool:


11391 Errors! that’s not good…

scan the disc for errors with nero cd-dvd speed.


@ Korean Burner
Nice burns…you are getting some nice results from 8X-R media…that is a good sign for Liteons in general. However, macrobe makes a good point. A full burn will be the real test as your burn may not have reached 8x burn speed yet with such a small burn size. The rise in PIs in your first scan may be the 6x burn speed zone, and your second burn may not have reached 6x at all . But you do know that you will probably get excellent results by burning the whole disc at 4x:).
That error clump at the end of a DVD+RW is common. I think it is due to the disc not being closed, even though the session may be finalized…something like that.


None! Nothing at all. That’s why I found the KProbe Scan so strange. Either way, I just burned a different image on the same PHILLIPS041 DVD+RW disc, I scanned above. Second burn, 752MB image at max 4x (strangely the Nero ScanDisc took very very long, does he scan the previously burned image, too?). Again KProbe records a “Servo Error 030900” in the status bar. Otherwise it appears fine. Even the first burn gave no reading troubles whatsoever. Let’s have a look at the KProbe2 results :rolleyes: :


Slow day at work today, so let’s show you guys and girls something REALLY horrible: scans with the awful cheap media :Z that I first bought for this drive (I am sorry Lite-On, can you ever forgive me? :rolleyes: Well, you kinda have to because I still have some 50 Bulkpaqs’ leftover…). First in line, a surprisingly good scan of (again) a rather short image, though number total PI errors is pretty scary:

Fake Taiyo Yuden code: YUDEN000T02
Burn-speed: 8x (max)


Second, we have another cheap media freshly burned full DVD (4.32GB).

Fake Taiyo Yuden code: TYG02
Burn-speed: 8x (max)

This scan is actually “better” than average on these media, which I cannot believe I bought nearly 100 discs of at 25p a disc (more than I paid for the Datawrite Titaniums’ mind you!). Well, I guess I needed to learn that first. Still, I haven’t had a single coaster with them, yet (though I threw two discs away because my xbox didnt like them). :eek:


the scan looks :Z

try resetting learnt media with the eeprom utility.


TYG01’s are OEM That’s (Taiyo Yuden) DVD-R. These should have good shelf life given TY reputation. PI’s are higher than +R media but PIF’s are low and never had any replay problems :bigsmile: Link to KProbe TYG01 full disk 1653S CS0K @ 4x


Can I also do this with my 1653SX (USB model)? Moreover, what exactly does the “learnt media reset” do (in other words than “resetting learnt media” please! Still a newbie here. :iagree: )


Thanks for the info! PIF looks AWSOME! :smiley: I hope I come across some of them. Which brands are selling real TY codes?


Taiyo Yuden’s own brand is called “That’s” as far as I know - should all be real TY’s with this brand. TY also have +R media which give much lower PI’s with Liteon (seems generally the case with other brands as well) - for some reason G01’s (-R media) give fairly high ave PI but you certainly can’t complain about the PIF’s :wink:
I believe FUJI uses TY also but you won’t know for sure until you ID them after purchase. Happy hunting.

Nearly Forgot: read about Reset Learnt Media here:


Thanks! I will look out for “That’s”. I have had bad experiences with Fuji, so I will probably stay away. Anybody hav some more good scans to share? Also thanks for the info on learnt media. I think I will not do that for now, as A: I understand too little of it and do not want to fry my USB drive and B: the MCC’s burn great now, I do not want to risk that for a few badly burnt crummy Bulkpaqs’ :iagree:



Here a few more scans of those awful Bulkpaq 8x DVD-R’s with fake TYG02-code. :frowning:

First I tried to play softball with them and write a few Divx files at 4x…
This proved to be absolutely disasterous! The Disc reads okay, but have a look these scans (Do you think I really have to reset learnt media?): :confused:


Now for the 8x speed burn, which was much much much much better! :iagree:
Do you think I should reburn the 4x one in 8x, or might it be that KProbe is wrong. :confused:


Holy cow! Those two discs are AWFUL. Good luck with archival life. Ouch. Here is a scan of one of my Verbatin 8X DVD+R burned at 12x. The PI gets high at the end, not sure why. But the PIF is low, which generally means that the disc will last a while. I’ll reburn it at 8x and post the scan results. the code is MCC003, and people have said they are some of the best discs for Lite-ON burners.


Okay, back with the Verbatim DVD+R 8x burn. Media code MCC003, burned better on 8x, but the PIF is slightly higher. If anyone knows of a strategy swap for the MCC003 disc that yields good results, let me know.


using Same Media, just 2 different burn…!

Can I say it’s good…?

:rolleyes: :iagree: