Kprobe 2.5.2

I installed kprobe to try to center on my bad quality bur problems with my liteon drives. It installs w/o a hitch. I reboot and try to open and it locks at the splash screen. The computer does not lockup or freeze, but kprobe must be ended via the task manager in the processes tab, before the splash screen stops.

This is similar to plextools issue I was having and I gave up.

Please help

If you had a similar issue with Plextools, I guess the issue is with your system config, not with the software… :confused:

Do you have one of these installed:

  • Daemon tools
  • Alcohol 120%
  • Packet writing software (InCD…)
  • AnyDVD

These apps can raise compatibility issues with burning apps (IMGBurn, Nero… ) and testing apps (CDSpeed, DVDInfopro, Plextools, Kprobe) on some configs.

CD speed works
Imgburn works
Nero Works.

What system settings could possible cause this?

How can i give you all the information on my system to help troubleshoot?

thanks again.

Use “ForceASPI” to remove the ASPI layer that Kprobe installed. Also revert to default MS IDE controller drivers.

Some guys posted about a similar problem here came up a couple of years ago. Try changing the drivers to SPTI from ASPI. Since you can’t get KProbe running, you’ll have to edit an entry in the registry. Check this post at CDRlabs for the details (I’m too lazy to repeat that here :wink: )


Thanks it seems the program does not install an entry in the registry. After I installed it the programs loads. Thanks all.