Kprob Disc manufacturer?


i am using Kprob version 1.1.14 and 1.1.26 and i can’t get any ID for the CD !!!

like this in the second line :

how do you guys make it ??

when i go to the Disc Info on Kprob and pressing refresh it tels me unknown !!!

what should i do ??

can i write it my self ?

thanks …

Most likely problem: You have an ATIP hider program installed for playing your backup game discs. Different programs have different tools to do this. CloneCD have cloneCD tray, alcohol have it’s (alcohol 52% or something) and blindwrite have it’s small program as well.

Make sure that the ATIP hider is swithced off or disabled.

Or you may have a disc which K-probe is unable to identify :confused:

strange !!

i have no hider…

no CloneCD tray. no blindwriter installed. but Alcohol i don’t know !! how to check ??

OK what if i end task all the program in the windows?? can this diable any hider ??

thanks …

oohh yes now it’s work …

after i run the Alcohol 120% and then go the setting then to the emulation option then unchecked the Ignore Media Type.

thank you my friend.