KPobe reboots my system

I’m having a problem with KProbe2 ver2.4.2. Every time I try to open KProbe, my system reboots. I have try older verision of Kprobe and ASPI 4.7 and Force ASPI. But still I have this problem. What will I do? :confused:

Since it is winter and heat should not be the problem I would guess that you have a problem in your memory somewhere. If you download memtest you might find it or at least rule it out.

1024megabytes was a memtest result, so it’s ok. Everything else works great for my pc–> games, softwares…

Your result does not sound like memtest results. You need to run the non-abreviated test and you need to run it multiple times. It will take hours. Try CDSpeed as it will do the same scans as KProbe and you can check out a different program. It could just be an anomoly. I know one of the Drive identifyer programs bundled with Nero crashes my system. Nothing else will. What drive do you have?

Memtest results: Athlon 64 (0,13) 2411MHZ, L1 Cache: 128 19765MB/s, L2 Cache: 512K 4911MB/s, Memory 1023M 1544MB/s, Chipset: nForce3 250 (ECC:Disabled) Settings: Ram: 200MHZ(DDR401) / CAS:2.5-3-3-8 / Single Channel (64bits), Walltime 1h30, Cached 1023, Rsvdmem 312K, Memmap e820-std, Cache on, ECC off, Test std, Pass 3, Errors 0, ECC Errs. Thats it. I dont have a clue what the results mean. Nero CDSpeed is working fine, but I have heard that KProbe is much better. Open processes on my computer are: alg.exe, ati2evxx.exe, ati2evxx.exe, atiptaxx.exe,
backweb-4476822.exe, csrss.exe, ctfmon.exe, explorer.exe, FAMEH32.exe, fch32.exe,
FSAV32.exe, fsbwsys.exe, fsdfwd.exe, fsgk32.exe, fsgk32st.exe, FSM32.exe, FSMA32.exe, FSMB32.exe, fssm32.exe, fswsclds.exe, gcasDtServ.exe, lsass.exe, NaturalColorLoad.exe, Opera.exe, PhotoshopElementsDeviceConnect.exe, PhotoshopElementsFileAgent.exe, point32.exe, SERVIC~1.EXE, services.exe,
SFAgent.exe, smss.exe, SOUNDMAN.EXE, spoolsv.exe, svchost.exe, svchost.exe,svchost.exe, svchost.exe, svchost.exe, svchost.exe, System, System Idle Process, type32.exe, wdfmgr.exe, winlogon.exe, wmiprvse.exe. My dvd is a Lite-On dvdrw
SOHW-1633s and hard drive is Maxtor 6B200M0. I have no idea what an anomoly is, becouse my dictionary is so poor… :wink:

Get rid of 4.7 ASPI and get 4.6. 4.7 has been known to give people fits.


I checked the adaptec ASPI and my current aspi status is WNASPI32.DLL ver 4.6, WINASPI.DLL ver4.6, ASPI32.SYS ver4.6, WOWPOST.EXE ver 4,6. Aspi is properly istalled and is fully operational. A total of 8 host adapters have been detected. Kpobe is still not working.

At this point I would abandon Kprobe and just stick with CDSpeed. I have tested with both and they both give reliable results with supported burners.

Something is Funky cuz the program is solid. At this point I’d do a complete un-install of the K-Probe and then re-install. You do have the correct ASPI drivers now. You may want to take this over to the Liteon forum. Maybe see if a Mod would move it for you.


Thanks for all :slight_smile: I moved the problem to LiteOn forum. I cant give up becouse I want to know what’s the problem in computer :o